Wintery Snowflake Wedding Invitations

If you are using a snowflake motif for everything from your wedding cake to the bridesmaid jewelry gifts, a snowflake patterned invitation is a must – and yes, we have snowflake and wintery wedding invitations as well. You can also make your wedding invitation more unique by providing additional information about the happy couple that most of your guests may not know. For example, you can talk about your new spouse, tell anecdotes about planning your wedding ceremony, what you look forward to as a married couple and, most importantly, thank your guests for sharing this special day with you. One of the more popular trends in wedding invitations is invitations that feature damask patterns. A burlap and damask pattern make this invitation rustic and elegant at the same time. The damask pattern gleams in foil which is a very unique look and feel. If you want to include your wedding theme throughout your wedding you will want to include your theme in your wedding invitations as well. Choose the cake topper that best emphasizes the wedding theme or best speaks of what's common with you and your partner. As unique wedding ideas are in vogue now, you should try to have a really memorable and fun one with a properly planned theme, decorations and favors and your wedding invitations should be no exception. It is often a good idea to purchase 15 t o20 invitations more than you actually need. In case you inadvertently left someone off the original invitations list. Always better to have too many than not enough. Happy planning!